My Kayman Concierge Service is a luxury concierge and lifestyle management service based in the Cayman Islands providing luxury concierge service, bespoke travel management and unique lifestyle experience to both leisure and business clients in the Cayman Islands. Our relationships, insider knowledge & industry exposure enable us to deliver the unattainable 365 days a year. We aim to make your life much easier, simple and much more beautiful.


Who Is Behind My Kayman Concierge Service

Kayann Stephens, Founder and Lifestyle Coordinator of My Kayman Concierge Services, has over nine years’ experience in hospitality and customer service environments. The diverse knowledge from past employment experiences has given Kayann the unique qualities to quickly grasp the needs of her clients and deliver the best solution possible.


Kayann was born in Jamaica and grew up in the Cayman Islands. She is a psychology major with a passion and boundless energy to go above and beyond the standard. Kayann has the exceptional ability to orchestrate, plan and coordinate. Her experience was cultivated in the Cayman Islands throughout her career within the hospitality industry, and she has had the privilege to work for the Ritz Carlton Hotel and for Cayman Airways. Kayann has carved out a niche for My Kayman Concierge Service– innovator, executor, and experience curator! She is limitless, running her own show and yours flawlessly!





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